Building a bridge between big corporations and social entrepreneurs


01 about

We aim to solve big companies’ social and environmental challenges by connecting them with social entrepreneurs and startups to co-create sustainable solutions! Like a dating app, except it’s probably a little more... you know!


02 what we do


We brainstorm with your team, identify and evaluate your challenges


We match you with a social entrepreneur according to your challenges


We co-create and co-design a solution to solve your challenges with the selected social entrepreneur 


We continue to assist and support you to make sure you got your ideal solution and to measure the impact it's having


03 solutions

Objektiva has built a community of social entrepreneurs that are willing to solve these companies’ challenges, from entrepreneurs who upcycle wooden waste to make design furniture to tech startups who develop 3D printing machines to raise awareness of plastic recycling in the workplace, among so many other impactful innovations.


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